Algae business plan

algae business plan

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227-228) 1747 "To dress Brockala.,br Strip all the little Branches off till you come to the top one, then with a knife peel off all the hard outside skin which is on the Stalks and little Branches, and throw them away into water. Have a stew-panof Water with some salt in it: When it boils put in the Brockala, and when the Stalks are tender it is enough, then send it to table with Butter in a cup. The French eat Oil and Vinegar with." (p. 11) "Brockely and Eggs, boil your Brockely tender, saving the large bunch for the middle, and siz or eight little thick Spriggs to stick round. Take a tast half an Inch thick, toast it brown, as big as you would have it in your Dish or Buttering-plate; butter some Eggs thus: take six Eggs more or less, as you have occasion, beat themwell, put them into a sauce-pan,with a good. Set the biggest Bunch of Brockely in the middle, and the other little pieces rounce and about, and garnish the dish round with little Spriggs of Brockely.

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The 1920s was a time of culinary experimentation. The 1930s accepted make-do ingredients. Broccoli came back, only now? It was decidedly an Italian food. No mention of Anglo/Colonial American heritage. 1653 "Potage of Brocolis, they are young sprouts of Coleworts. Seeth them in water, salt, peas broth, butter, onion sticked, and a little pepper. Stove your crust, garnish it with write your Brocolis, and fill your dish with it, then serve. The same broth may be made with milk and garnished alike. The potage hops is made the same way as that of Brocolis, and is garnished alike.", the French cook, francoise pierre, la varenne, translated into English in 1653. D.G., facsimile thesis 1653 edition with and introduction by Philip and Mary hyman southover Press:Wast Sussex 2001 (p.

Randolph may be broccoli di rapa, variety of Brassica napus with breen florets, to be found in Italian neighborhoods.", the virginia housewife, mary randolph, facsimile 1824 edition with historical notes and commentaries by karen Hess University of south Carolina Press:Columbia sc 1984 (p. Cook books and newspapers confirm broccoli took a hiatus from mainstream American tables from the late 19th century to the 1920s. Oscar Tschirky (Waldorf) offers recipes for cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. No mention of broccoli. Charles Ranhofer (Delmonico's) followed suit. We can only suppose these were culinary signs of the times. Americans were feeling uneasy about the surging influx of southern European immigrants.

algae business plan

Algae, business

"Some years ago an observant gentleman came into my office to discuss the origin of sprouting broccoli. He insisted firmly that it must be the result of a cross between cabbage and asparagus, because it had the flavor of cabbage and the fleshy stem of asparagus! Apparently this gentleman had never seen cabbage plants push up their flower stalks, else he would have realized that the developing flower stalk of cabbage and of sprouting broccoli are botanically the same thing. Neither did he realize that cabbage and asparagus are much too distantly related to hybridize.", national geographic, august 1949 "The first clear description of broccoli occurs in the 1724 edition of Miller's. Gardener's Dictionary, where it was described as a stranger in England until within these five years' and was called 'sprout colli-flower' or 'Italian asparagus.' It seems to be generally accepted that the broccoli thus introduced to England, and no doubt to other European countries. Broccoli is an Italian word meaning 'little arms' or 'little shoots'.", oxford Companion to food, alan davidson Oxford Univeresity Press:Oxford 1999 (p. Broccoli in the new World "Beginning in 1767, jefferson routinely national notes plantings of several varieties self of broccoli and it is sold in the washington market during his years of ne of this is arcane, yet food writers regularly place its introduction to the American food. Broccoli is Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis; the stalky type mentioned by Mrs.

Companies offering Prescription Drug Plans working with hoosierRx: aarp/United healthCare, cigna, Indiana University Health Plans (with Part D coverage  EnvisionRx, first health, silverScript, and WellCare). A member of the mustard family, and doubtless a descendant of the wild gan as a wild-growing native of the mediterranean region. Like all cabbages, broccoli was originally eaten for its stems, with the flowering heads a later development. Although broccoli is believed to be the forerunner of cauliflower-a vegetable known in Europe by the sixteenth century-it trailed behind cauliflower by about a century in culinary usage, save perhaps in Italy. The Italians claim broccoli as their own: The name comes from the Italian brocco, meaning sprout' or shoot' which, in turn came from the latin brachium, meaning 'arm' or 'branch'-a succinct description of this plant with its many thick and fleshy stalks. Broccoli was introduced into England (where the term 'broccoli' refers to cauliflower) around 1720 and was probably brought to north America soon thereafter.", cambridge world History of food, kenneth. Kiple kriemhild Conee ornelas Cambridge University Press:Cambridge vol. The theory about broccoli being a cross between asparagus and cauliflower is folklore. Three hundred years ago the English called broccoli "Italian asparagus" which probably accounts for some of the confusion.

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algae business plan

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How to Prevent Algae and Moss Stains from Recurring. Algae and moss tend to grow roof surfaces that are shaded and retain moisture. So, its a good idea to cut away tree branches that overhang the roof and block sunlight. Keep the roof surface clean by blowing off leaves and fallen branches during seasonal maintenance. The red lines indicate where to install sacrificial metal strips to prevent algae and moss growth. For long-term stain prevention, have zinc or copper strips installed under the cap shingles, leaving an inch or two of the surface exposed at roof peaks, along hips, and under the first course of shingles at the base of dormers.

Copper and zinc are sacrificial metals that shed tiny bits of their surface with each rainfall. The metals coat the roof and inhibit organic growth for many years. Following these maintenance tips can help homeowners enjoy an attractive roof. . They can also help extend the roofs service life, which is important whether you plan to stay in your home or sell it in the future. Author Michael Chotiner is a, diy expert who writes about home improvement projects for roofs and other external areas of the house for The home depot. Michael is a career carpenter and has owned and managed his own construction business.  Visit The home depot online to see their roofing shingle options. Read more articles like this.

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Don't let the bleach solution stand on the roof for more than 30 minutes or so without rinsing. And don't use a pressure washer, which can damage the shingles by removing their protective layer of asphalt granules. If accumulations of algae or moss are heavy, at least some of it should wash off the roof surface right away with the stream from the hose. You can try brushing off algae and moss with a brush or broom with medium-stiff bristles, but don't scrub too best hard. You don't want to separate the mineral granules from the shingles. If chunks of algae or moss or heavy stains remain on the surface after rinsing, let the roof dry, then spray on the bleach solution again. Wait 30 minutes and rinse. Don't worry if some staining remains after the second rinse. It should wash off over time with exposure to rain and sunlight.

algae business plan

Before climbing up to living clean stains from your roof, be aware that about 30,000 people fall off ladders and roofs each year. . Consider using a safety harness, just as the pros are required to do, and follow the common-sense rules for properly positioning and using a ladder, which can be found. Internachis article on ladder safety. . Also, be sure to notify someone that youll be on your roof. . In case of an accident that incapacitates you, youll want someone to know where to look for you. Upgear by wenner Safety harness (photo courtesy of The home depot). How to Clean Algae and Moss from a roof. Apply the bleach solution with a garden sprayer. Let it stand on the surface for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off with spray from a garden hose.

edges lift and curl, which can lead to cracking and blow-off during high winds and storms. Heavy moss growth can actually form dams that can cause water to back up under the shingles and damage the roof deck. It's best to clean moss off a roof as soon as you notice it's growing there. Safety first, both algae and moss can be easily removed from asphalt shingles with a 50/50 solution of chlorine bleach and water. Laundry-strength bleach is sufficient, or you can opt for any of a number of proprietary roof cleaners, some of which don't contain bleach, lye, or other potentially harmful chemicals. Since bleach and some cleaners can be harmful to plants and humans, it's a good idea to take some precautions when working with them, including the following: wait for a calm, windless day to clean your roof. Spray landscape plants near the house with water and cover them with tarps to protect them from chemical overspray and runoff. Wear protective clothing, including long sleeves, pants and gloves, as well as goggles to protect your eyes, and shoes with high-traction soles.

Dark stains on an asphalt roof could be caused integration by a number of conditions, including: Eroded mineral surface. If the roof-covering material has been on the house for 15 years or so, it could be that the surface granules are wearing off the shingles and the asphalt base is starting to show through. On older roofs, you may additionally see cracked and/or shingles with curled edges. If you determine that age and wear are the causes of darkening, it may be time for a new roof. More often than not, blue, green or black stains on an asphalt-shingle roof are caused by algae. Algae staining begins with small spots which, over time, can develop into streaks. Algae stains, which are often mistaken for mold or mildew, aren't harmful to anything other than the appearance of asphalt shingles, but nobody likes the look. Algae-stained asphalt-shingle roof (photo by author).

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Get Help, quick Information, state Information,. Contrast Setting, default, dark, text Setting, normal. By michael Chotiner of, the home depot, stains on asphalt roofing shingles make a house look shabby, which detracts from its value. In some cases, stains are merely a cosmetic issue. . But sometimes theyre symptomatic of a problem that, if left unchecked, can lead to more serious damage and, eventually, roof failure. It's not always hard to distinguish the causes of stains, nor, in most cases, to get rid of them and prevent the stains from recurring. Common causes of Staining.

Algae business plan
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  4. Blue-green algae look much like other, more common algae but theyre really a type of bacteria called "cyanobacteria." The kansas Department of health and Environment (kdhe) samples recreational bodies of water for blue-green algae when they are alerted to a potential algae bloom. M : Solar pool Ionizer Kills Algae using 80 Less Chlorine medicare Assistance; Current: ; hoosierRx hoosierRx. HoosierRx Helps pay for your Medicare part d plan. Indianas State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program, hoosierRx, can help pay the monthly part D premium, up to 70 per month, for members enrolled in a medicare part d plan working with hoosierRx.

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