Role of media in national integration essay

role of media in national integration essay

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Film as one such form of mass media has a great impact on the societies in many ways. Film industry is one of the most expensive and discovering industry in mass media. In true sense it is a dream industry. Today movies are created by one group, funded by the second group, sold by the third group and shows by the fourth group. The first group is producers, directors, second group are investors, third are distributors and the final group the exhibitors. Today's generation films have handled a lot of controversial topic has a main plot in this movies. Topics such as religion, terror attacks, transgender, homosexuality, child labor, poverty etc. Movies have actually brought to the world an idea about all the above through their stories and concepts.

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"Film Communication a process of transferring meanings or information's trough visual receptors". It is a man who creates this form of communication." There exists a cognitive relationship between a filmmaker and a viewer. Cinema hypothesis is perhaps the mainstreams of all art forms and most accessed and most preferred especially in India. Therefore, it is very important to understand how the country, its people and its aspirations are represented in the cinema. Cinemas can be a form of art, entertainment, social document or critique. Film is a reflection of society for both the present and the past. Film and its innovation sometimes have to catch up to society but sometimes it leads the society and culture too. Lot of studies have been made on the impact of films on the societies culture but however there were a significant changes in the field of cultural studies in the 1980s and the 1990s which dealt with the complications of the model of culture. In today's system of movie making each of the six major studios makes less than 20 movies per year. The rest comes from individual producers, investment, distributors, exhibition each handled by different companies. Most of these independent movies are distributed by the six studios.

It is capable of giving life and form to all ideas, practical and emotional. Its only limitation is human ingenuity-said by nnedy,. Nnedy was an inventor and an American cinematographer. Another footprint in the sand of communication is after the invention of films. Cinema or film a form of Mass Media has become a powerful tool since the day it was introduced to the world. Cinematographic derived from the Greek benefits word meaning movement and writing was invented by the lumeire Brothers. In 1929, "The lights of Newyork" the first talking film was screened. Cinema came to India in 1986, when the film "Pundalik" directed by rney and itra was released in 18th may. The film industry has grown rapidly for the past years and has brought about a lot of changes in the society.

role of media in national integration essay

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But these societal effects are easier to see than the individual effects. Media effects can be both positive and negative effects. Media plays a major role in changing the public opinions because they have major access to people and this eventually gives a lot of strength to media. This strength can either be used in a positive way as in educating people or in an unconstructive way by misleading the innocent people. Media has the power to transform the whole society especially in developing countries it can become a "weapon of mass destruction". For example : 26/11 Bombay attack media played both positive role in informing the society about second to second happenings of the attack at the same time media also played a role of creating self confusion for the government and helping the terrorist with information. "Media men have access to people and they have an audience.".3 films aorm of mass media "The story motion picture today is the greatest medium of expression the world has ever known.

Its only because of mass media the world has come closer and international and national information are reaching every region of the world. Media effects are in two ways 1) the individual effects and the societal effects. Today people spend more time in interacting with mass media. "Of the approximately 40 hours per week of free time available to average person, 15 hours or 38 percent are spent watching television said Robinson and goodbey 1997:126." (Ryan wentworth, 1999). This is more time when compared to the other hobbies or outdoor activities of a human being in their free time. Because people spend much of the time with mass media there evolves an emotional involvement and those are often coined to be negative. As these individual effects are difficult to show empirically. In this same way are the societal effects, where media impact is straight on the society itself and our social world.

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role of media in national integration essay

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Mass communication is highly effective in creating attitudes on newly arisen or newly evoked issues and that the very point of view first expressed will prevail over later persuasive communication in the country. Media effects have been debated and researched for decades together. The mass media has become such an important aspect and an everyday part of the society that many fail to write realize the immense impact created by it on the society, aspects such as political, economic and cultural. Mass media today make peoples mind more stereotype and ideological. They do not let people have their own perception about the world rather they make public perceive what they think. For example the transgender.

Media's portrayal of transgender has always been comical, tragic or untouchables due to which the society also disagrees to accept them as a part of them. This concept is called as the agenda setting. Media creates an agenda and puts its straight into the public's head and does not allow them to rethink over any of the information provided. The work by harold Lasswell "World Outside and the picture Inside" which was the reason for the emerge of the theory agenda setting also says; what public has in mind is totally different from the actual aspects. Walter Lippmann and boas research on media says that media was biased and subjective and not objective. But at the same time media has positive effects on the societies also.

Western modern theorist such as Denis Mcquail identified the three major functions of a mass media that is 1) surveivallance of environment 2) interpretation of the information and 3) transmission of heritage. But in today's generation mass media's major functions are information, entertainment, advertising and development. Though these may be the functions of mass media it does not necessarily mean that audience will perceive mass media for the same reasons. In the book the Play theory of Mass Communication, william Stephenson argues that fun is both the greatest impact and also the public service of the mass media. So for few mass media might be for time-fillers, for some to fulfill their psychological and social needs, few for information and entertainment. This means that people will perceive media the way they want and according to their likes.

Mass media in India has been a major aspect of the society. It's here that media is not consumed for one particular purpose but it is consumed for all, such as information, television, controversies, news, gossips, and chats, psychological or any other. Indian mass media industry has very well understood the societies mind set and they accordingly produce the media products. It's only here where the traditional forms of communication still exist and it also considered being a mass media, example: Folk media. 1.2 effects of mass media, media effects mean different things to different people, for example for a psychologist effects will mean psychological, for a socialist it will be social so in this way effects differs from person to person. Effects can be classified in various types and gradations as short-term, long-term or deep, profound or superficial. "Whoever says the first word to the world is always right said Joseph goebbels, a mass communication practitioner of odious capability." (Klapper, 1960).

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Mass media today has become one of the popular media as it focuses your on the prominent stories which will be of interest to the general public audiences. It is a huge industry as many people all over the world rely on it for some purpose or the other. Mass media today has become one of the most critical parts of human societies. Understanding mass media usually is a process of understanding a population and its culture. These are the tools of large scale manufactures and the distribution of information and related messages. "Medium is the message." (Marshall, 1964). This means that mass media are technologies but they are also messages. Today's modern mass media have several functions similar to those fulfilled by the traditional media in some ancient societies.

role of media in national integration essay

media can also be considered as mass media because most these existing Medias use internet media to have an advantage of the available medium in many regions of the world. This medium can be termed as the interactive media. "to understand mass media first and important step is to understand communication". Communication is defined as an act of sending or receiving or understanding messages or meaning when delivered from one person to another. When communication is defined in relevance to mass media it can be called as a centralized form of communication. "rtheringham - a process of involving the selection, production, and transmission of signs in such a way as to help a receiver perceive a meaning similar to that in the mind of the communicator". Communication through mass media is known as mass communication. Mass communication means using a form of mass media to deliver messages immediately to a large group of people.

However there was significant change in this field of cultural studies in the year 1980s to 1990s, which dealt with the complication of the model of culture as a site of hegemonic contestation between the dominant and the subordinate group. The theories related to culture and communication have depicted how the locations of distinct social groups affects their communication with the hierarchy of location (of story the social group) been categorized on the basis of color, class, genders and sexual orientation. This led to the study of these minority groups differently. The revolution and upheaval in the sixties and seventies included a vibrant sexual revolution aided by the feminist movement. It was one of the turning points for the study of queer theory and culture. This change in the cultural studies in general and homosexuality in particular came with the emergence of radical interpretation of queer theory which originated from gay and lesbian studies as a post-modern interpretation of homosexuality. Prior to the coining of the term queer theory, the study of deviant sexuality was called as "gay and lesbian studies".

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Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, when was the last time we spent without media. From the time we get up till we go to bed some form plan of media is being a part. One of the very early and important aspects of communication began with the research in mass media and its influence on public. Such kind of researches began in late nineteenth century and 20th century. The birmingham center undertook cultural studies analysis on audience. They propagated the idea that the socio-economic life-situation of the audience, their education, class, caste, gender, ethnic and language position had to serve as environment to understand the meaning they make of the media products. In the 1990's Straut Hall redefined the "Media product function" in terms of its being a structure of dominance in culture. Today's society is one that is shaped and molded by the mass media. Basically, culture is nothing more than a product of the mass media.

Role of media in national integration essay
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